Therapy for high-conflict relationships is based on the principles of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. It is intended for those who have challenges in their relationships, but who are otherwise functioning at a high level (for example, not suicidal or engaging in self-harm). If one or more of the individuals struggles broadly with emotion dysregulation or impulsive behaviors, we suggest you consider a full comprehensive DBT program, as it would better suit your needs and also allows for couples and family sessions as needed.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy helps high-conflict couples and families decrease destructive conflict and find more peace and intimacy in their relationships. A large emphasis is on developing effective emotion regulation and communication skills, including clear and tactful assertiveness combined with validation. These strategies help couples and families address toxic communication, reactive anger, and long-standing feelings of hurt and resentment. Scientifically-established strategies reduce emotional sensitivities that lead to conflict behaviors.